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Hey Lions' fans! Since this is my first entry I'd like to take the time to personally introduce myself to anyone who may not know me yet. My name is Alex Cowling and I am a redshirt Junior fortunate enough to play both the small and power forward for the Loyola Marymount University's Women's basketball team. Right now is an exciting time for my teammates and me because so many season-initiating things are happening. While official, full-length practices have been going on since the beginning of October, last week we had our annual inter-squad game where fans got the chance to catch a glimpse of the team in action.

We've made a lot of changes since our turbulent last season and we're already beginning to see the effects of them on the court. Particularly in the hiring of two new coaches (a new strength and conditioning as well as an assistant coach) who have injected a new energy and attitude to the program. Our girls are really young, with nine of our fourteen being freshmen and sophomores, but they bring a level of heart and coach-ability to the table that, mixed with their above-average talent, makes for an exciting combination. We are definitely READY TO COMPETE! Which brings me to my most pressing source of anticipation.

This weekend we FINALLY get to play another team when we scrimmage USC at the Galen Center. It's closed, so people aren't allowed to watch, but getting the chance to play a team as talented as the Trojans will be a really great measuring stick, especially as we get ready to embark on this quest for a WCC championship. We need to be able to compete against and beat teams who have proven to be among the best in order to be the best. Playing USC right off the bat puts us in the mindset that "the best" is exactly what we intend to be. Also, pertaining to our style of play, you'll get to see a dramatic on-court change this season too. I won't give it away on here quite yet however. You'll just have to come out to Gersten Pavilion and check us out if you want to see what it is. But until next time trust that we'll be working hard in the gym, and make sure to come out to our Men's exhibition game on Tuesday night! We're all on the same mission here: WCC Championship or Bust! GO LIONS!

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