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No one ever expects to start a season off without winning. Four games in and we're still searching for one. It really goes without saying then, that our season has thus far not gone as planned. But just as Coach always says, "it isn't the test when everything's going great." The true character of a team is revealed when times are tough. We refuse to stop working. On top of that, we are all committed to staying positive, and a genuine optimism towards the future has permeated our locker room. Everyday is a new opportunity for success. Victory is definitely afoot. After all there are some MAJOR positives that have come from our first games. Number one, we see a definite improvement each time we step on the floor. As Melinda Gomez so eloquently put it after our Fullerton loss, "some days they're just itty bitty tiny ant baby steps forward, but we're moving forward." My second point is kind of the reverse of the first, and ultimately since we have yet to put together a quality showing, teams looking to prepare for us by watching the game film of our previous games really have no idea what we're actually capable of doing. We're a talented team on the verge of putting it all together on the court. If that's not a silver-lining, I don't know what is. We're hungry for a win, and our next opportunity to feast is fast approaching. Friday at 1:00PM we face the Youngstown State Penguins in our Thanksgiving Tournament. I don't know about you, but penguins for a late lunch on Friday sounds like the most appetizing thing in the world to me right about now. GO LIONS.

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