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Hey Lion fans!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! The most exciting moment of the year happened this weekend for my teammates and me. In the Consolation game of our Thanksgiving tournament we got our first win of the season! It definitely didn't come as early as we would have hoped, but it couldn't have happened in any more of a dramatic fashion.  The game was decided in the last minute of play, and I was even fortunate enough to be put in a position to hit what turned out to be the first game-winner of my career! Our opponent Wyoming was a very good team, and because the win was such a team effort we've really come away from it with a renewed confidence in our ability to execute our offense, and buckle down on defense.

We're going to need that as we prepare to travel to "The Pit" to face the University of New Mexico Lobos. At least 7,000 fans will be in attendance there, and they represent yet another opponent looking to use the altitude as an additional weapon to fight us with. Fortunately for us we've already faced Denver this year and gotten a taste of what it takes to play in an environment with thin air. We're excited for the challenge and looking forward to the game on Thursday. We're getting better everyday. The most important part of the regular season is conference. We have to remember that each day as we continue to improve in this preseason period. To everyone rooting for us, thank you so much for your continued support. Your loyalty will be rewarded in the end! Go Lions!

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