Our First Tournament

This season, players from LMU Men's Tennis will provide weekly blog entries providing insight into men's tennis program. Check out this blog each week for new entries. Today's entry comes from sophomore Felix Van Kann:

Greetings LMU tennis fans!

It has been a busy week for the LIONS! Starting off with the first future tournaments in Claremont last Friday the boys finally got back on the California tennis courts. Besides some sunburned faces and impressive new tan lines, the 35 degrees Celsius (whoever knows the Fahrenheit system) of the California desert were unable to harm the boys at all. "The Toddster" Todd Volmari, "Busta" Sebastian Bustamante and Nicholas Bjerke made it to the third round in the qualifying. Bjerke proofed in a spectacular way which is why his teammates call him "Tha Horse," by defeating his teammate, who was unfortunately me (Felix van Kann), in the first round in a three set match with a lot of ups and downs. Othar "Othanator" Kordsachia also couldn't make it through round one, which is why he was one of the lucky guys to experience our first 8 am work out on Saturday morning.

Due to the early daytime one of the guys didn't make it on time. Again, this guy was unfortunately me and as a result to that Nick Longo offered me a nice opportunity to watch the sunrise on a wonderful Saturday morning by sending me on a nice walk. Still, I have to say that if you're on a six miles run around campus, the school doesn't seem as beautiful as it appears with a normal heart rate.

The rest of the week we prepared for the upcoming Futures tournament in Costa Mesa, starting today, by working hard on the courts and in the gym. For his "special" way of getting ready for the tournament, new team member Othar Kordsachia was honored with a new nickname: "Chicken Pasta." It should describe his passionate love for the same named meal that lead to an unbelievable 14-day streak of cooking it. He's a machine (a German one)!

Before ending this little monologue that I'm writing down in the library right now, I have to announce that we had two birthdays in the past week: Jack, who turned a fascinating 22 years, and Nick Bjerke, aged 23 now, who is the oldest person I've seen in college tennis. (That win you had over me was your birthday gift.) Happy birthday, boys!

Time to go to bed now, we're leaving at 7:45 am to Costa Mesa. A good day to everyone and forgive me my poor writing skills. It's late, I had way too many donuts and I don't speak English. The people on our Facebook page are brilliant at it though, so take a look at it if you are interested in our results from Costa Mesa before our beloved Daniel Simko gets the chance to tell you everything about it in our upcoming blog next week.

Good night and good morning,


Felix van Kann