The Lions Carry the Flag

Another week has passed at LMU and the Lions are doing great. Unfortunately, some sicknesses and injuries prevented a lot of the boys from practicing as hard as they usually do but that couldn't hang their heads (hello, Google Translator!!).

Due to that, last Friday's travel to the Future in Irvine turned into a nice getaway for the Australians: only Coach Brad Sceney, tennis-beau Daniel Simko, and "the Toddfather," Todd Volmari lifted the Lions (and the Australian) flag.  Both, Daniel and Todd, achieved good first round wins before falling in their next matches.  I'm sure they still enjoyed their Vegemite sandwiches.

The other boys treated themselves to a nice weekend with a lot of time to study for upcoming midterms. Busta and "Tha Horse" Nick Bjerke practiced for the upcoming tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while I was forced by the LMU physician to take a mononucleosis test even though I assured her that there is no chance I could ever be infected.  Unfortunately, I was wrong: my test was positive and I'm out for 4 weeks.  But I'm feeling completely normal and, no worries, I'm not contagious. I'm pointing that out particularly for guys like "Rrrr" Robin Kiyabu, who fearfully refused to take me to Subway on his new high speed scooter the other day! He looks like a Hells' Angel on it though, so I didn't complain.

With those last words at the end of another long day with mono, I wish everyone a fantastic week and hope you'll keep on reading the Blog when the master of descriptive language, Daniel Simko, returns to his mind-blowing work next week. Good luck to Nick and Busta in Oklahoma!  I'm sure they'll make their opponents smash some rackets and they'll celebrate some victories as sweet as a bite in a Chipotle burrito (a poor try of mine to continue Daniel's fabulous fast food metaphors). Make sure to check out our Facebook page and you'll hear from me in 2 weeks.

Good morning and good night!


Felix van Kann