Inside the Huddle with Ashley Maxfeldt

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Here are some "behind the scenes action" of your LMU Lions Volleyball Team.


4:30 P.M. Thursday, I am walking out of film and heading into the locker room to prep for game time.  As I walk into the training room to get treatment on my hand, Betsi, Felicia, Amber, and Kat are all in the training room as well.  They're always in the training room getting their bodies ready for game time. 


I get all my treatment done. I take out my IPod and my headphones and just go into a different world.  I'm in the locker room with everyone about 15 minutes before Warm-Up time.  I put on my socks, kneepads and shoes . . . still blocked out to the world... listening to my music.  Now I take a moment and look around - everyone is basically doing their own thing.  Taylor is braiding other players' hair, Cait and Tara are dancing in the middle of the room (this is normalJ don't worry).  Kenna is heating her shoulder; Hannah is listening to her IPod and getting in the zone.  Avery, Rochelle and Sara are hanging out and putting their gear on.  The girls from the training room join us before warm up. 


We go out for warm up and ten minutes before game time we run back into the locker room to change into jerseys.  Feeling pumped, everyone is gathered by their locker, shirts flying off and game jerseys being thrown on.  As a team, we huddle around each other and do our pre-game ritual cheer (sorry but this is confidential).  Now we are off, running down the halls of the gym as we stop and wait in a long hallway.  Each girl starts banging the LMU beat against the wall.  Before every game we do our LMU cheer against the walls of Gersten.  Chanting for the three letters on our chest, we run out to the court, pumped and ready for the game. 


Across the net...University of San Diego. (Okay, did you SEE their bus? Dude, they've got a nice bus!)


This was a big game for us.  We played a very hard fought match against San Diego but came up short. We lost to the Toreros in 4 sets.  We won game 1 with a score of 25-22. Then lost 27-25, 27-25 and 25-21. Angry and frustrated after the match, we talk about what we need to do in our next match in order to change the outcome. 


After our talk and another day of practice we were put to the test again as we swept Cal State University of Bakersfield on Saturday! Awesome job Lady Lions!


 We are faced with a tough week ahead.  We will be tested this week as we face BYU on Thursday and St. Mary's on Saturday.  We really need all our fans here on Thursday and you need to wear PINK (Not the brand...the color) It is "Dig Pink" night. Wear as much pink as you can! We want everyone in the gym to be covered in pink.  Donations can be made online if you'd like to support our cause as we fight against breast cancer.

(More information can be found on the LMU volleyball website)


Both games will be played at home. Please come support the Women's Volleyball Team as we set out on our quest to make a big statement in the WCC conference. 

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