Midterms and Tournaments

Greetings LMU tennis fans,

It was midterms this week at LMU and a lot of studying has taken place. On Wednesday night I realized I had been studying too much when a fly landed on my screen and I made the error of trying to scare it with my mouse. It was at this moment, I realized my night was done. On the tennis front, Sebastian and Nicholas traveled to Tulsa this week to compete in the All Americans. It was a great chance for them to play against the best college players across the country and I'm sure the experience will help them a lot for the upcoming season. This week end Nick Northcott, Othar, Jack and I are playing the pre regional's down at Irvine. Each day we are guaranteed at least two matches, which will give us a chance to work on our games.  Today as a team we went 5-1, which was a pleasing result, and gives us confidence going into the last 2 days. Unfortunately I managed to make the same mistake as my good friend Felix (the cat) did a few weeks back. I was late to arrive at the bus after missing my alarm. I am looking forward to the run that awaits me, but hey such is life. Felix (the cat) will be sure to give everyone a "pur"fect run down of how the week end finished up. Go Lions Rawwwwwwrrrr

Until next time.