What is Autumn Day?

It was another heavy week for most of the Lions.  It's still Midterm time at LMU and there is not much time for anything other than practice, studying and sleeping (or studying and double-sleeping for those among us who have mono).  Still, Othar, Jack, Dan and Nick Northcott traveled to the pre-regionals at UC Irvine on the weekend to represent the Lions and got some good wins to boost their confidences for the upcoming regionals.

We had no school today thanks to something called Autumn Day. If anyone knows what that actually is, please let us know. That leads me to another holiday we, as mostly international students, can't really relate to. Even though it is still a long time to go, Americans start to get crazy about Halloween, while we truly ask ourselves what the hell it is that makes Americans excited about wearing a costume and scaring each other. It's funny though. Yesterday, when I went to Ralphs with my amazing new high-tech bike at night, on my mind: only the innocent question if I'll take low fat or 2% fat milk, I was suddenly surprised by a ginormous plastic dragon that was sitting in a garden and frankly scared me as hell. It looked pretty real and it was dark, so nothing to be ashamed of!

I'm writing this text over the ongoing annoying noise of the fire alarm (Go Lions!), just to get you informed by time and now it's time for me to take another mono-nap. I hope everyone is doing fine and that you're excited for Daniel Simko's Blog next week, who, as I can proudly declare, fully recovered from his relentless pursuit with the fly on his computer screen (read last week's blog, if you wonder what I'm talking about).

Good morning and good night,

Felix van Kann