Midterms Are Over!

Hey there tennis fans!

            Midterm week is over and we are now cruising the Spring Break life! I think one of the only motivations for us getting through last week is knowing that we will be going to the BNP Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells for a few days during our break. We are literally so excited! Our entire team has been talking about wanting to go there since last year. I have been to the tournament many times before because it would always fall during my high school spring break, and I think it's a blast. In my opinion, it seems like the next best tournament to a Grand Slam.

 It attracts the top players on the tour and it also gives us an inside look of their practicing regime on all of the extra practice courts that are a part of the facilities. Palm Springs is such a beautiful area and because it's a desert lacking the ocean that's 5 minutes away from us, we will definitely be see some high temperatures! Horray for getting our tans and classic tennis tan lines back. It will be nice to break away from campus for a while and get some good bonding in with the team on a nice road trip. We also will be training too! We will train in the morning and then catch the afternoon and night session at the tournament to follow.

Last Thursday, we barely lost to Reno-Nevada. It came down to the final doubles match, which was a nail-biting loss at 7-9, and then April's singles match at # 1 which was a super close third set. It was definitely improvement from our last match, and everyone played confidentially and tactically to win their matches. I think this was a good match that has helped to build our confidence as we get into the most important part of the season, conference, which is approaching quicker than we think.

We had the pleasure of attending the Sports Hall of Fame Luncheon that took place on Saturday. We got to see some of the best athletes who played at LMU as well as impacting members like Albert Gersten which our gym is named after. Our very own Women's tennis alum, Lynn Scott was a recipient this year into the Hall of Fame.

Lynn Scott was not just a rockstar player of her era, but she was also named the first woman ever to receive a full scholarship for a sport at LMU. That's huge! And our current coach, Jamie, was the person who was responsible for making that possible. Although we attended the event to honor Lynn Scott's accomplishments, I know everyone on my team and I am sure everyone in the room shared a greater appreciation for Jamie! If it wasn't for him, than scholarships in women sports would not have been possible, or at least, utilized at LMU as quickly as it did.

Lynn Scott gave a nice eloquent speech upon receiving her award and she mentioned that she was so grateful for Jamie's "superb" teachings as she put it. She seemed like such a great person and it was an honor to meet her. I know I speak on behalf of my team that we understand why our presence attending the Hall of Fame meant so much to her and Jamie. So all in all, it was a great experience. Maybe one day, one of my very own teammates will be inducted into the Hall of Fame! I know I'll definitely be there to support!

I will report back next week on our adventures in the Desert and we will top off our Spring Break playing in San Luis Obispo against Cal Poly on Sunday. Wish your Lady Lions luck if you see us!

Until next time!