2 Our Way this Time!

Hey there tennis!
How is it already April? It is unreal how fast this year has gone let alone this semester. I know each year everyone seems to feel the same way, like time goes by faster and faster each year. Why that is, I guess I will never know. Part of the reason why I feel that time flies is due to the intensive busy lives that college students tend to have, not to mention, student athletes...
Eat, sleep, tennis, study. But then we also factor in some time for extracurricular activities and a social life as a way of staying balanced. I think learning to stay balanced and dealing with time management in college is so key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it takes a little stress away from the grueling hours on the court or in the classroom. I would not say that my freshmen year was the easiest transition. College itself is a major adjustment in comparison to high school.
Being away from home, making new friends, living on your own, experimenting with classes, exploring possible career paths and living a healthy lifestyle are all factors that inhibit an easy adjustment upon entering the so-called "best years of your life." In due time, I personally feel like I became well acclimated into the welcoming LMU community. I just had to be patient. Being patient has personally helped me grow up a lot just in the two years that I've been here.
I am still battling a knee injury at the moment and after taking two and a half weeks off of no exercise except upper body strength training, I finally got to do some leg workouts this week along with a lot of cardio to rebuild strength again. I am doing a few physical therapy sessions as well so that I can get my knee at 100% before so I can be completely ready to return to the court with no hesitations. Injuries are a bummer but what I miss the most is spending quality time with my team and working up a sweat on the court.
Despite our two losses last week, we are still in the rankings at No. 73! We had a great weekend of matches. Firstly, we had a nice day to play Portland on Friday. We got that doubles point and kept that momentum going into the singles. Despite some nail-biting battles and some feisty attitudes out on the court, we pulled out a 6-1 victory over the Portland Pilots. It was a big win!
Saturday was the "REPRESENT" game where there were a bunch of LMU sports games from baseball to softball to volleyball playing at the same time as our match. We tried to promote the games around campus to get some fans to "rep" some LMU pride, but unfortunately our turn out was below par. I know tennis matches can sometimes go long hours, but even if some fans would stop by for 15 minutes, it would still make a difference and it would mean so much to us I know our tennis team could always use a hint of new fans here and there.
Despite our lack of fans, we posted a solid 5-2 win over the 'Zags' with a couple adjustments to the line-up. Our No. 1 player, April, sat out for this match to take care of her elbow, so everyone played up one position and I think everyone did a great job of taking care of business in their certain positions. In our team huddle at the end of the match, Coach Jamie was proud of our efforts and results, but believes we are capable of playing even better. Even though that might sound degrading to some degree, we take those words as encouragement because he has a lot of faith in our team to perform at an even higher level than we are at. He stressed that we need to stay more disciplined to the task at hand in order to make that happened. 'Discipline' will definitely be crucial as we get into a very busy week of away matches this coming week.
On Wednesday, we have a non-conference match against Cal State Fullerton away. On Friday we play USD and Sunday we face St. Mary's. We hope that everyone will take good care of their health this week so we can be refreshed for each match this week. Wish your lady lions luck if you see us around!

Until next time!