The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 11

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By Vince Paldino

Day eleven. After zip lining, today was a much more relaxed day. First we woke up and had breakfast before leaving San Carlos. Our next destination was the country's capital, San Jose. Throughout the entire trip I have been waiting to travel to San Jose because it is the country's capital and is much more crowded than the previous cities we have stayed in. However, we had to take a long bus ride which turned out not to be to bad because almost everyone fell asleep on the bus. When we arrived to our new hotel I couldn't believe how nice it was. I felt like I was traveling with a professional team because of the way everyone was treating us. After the long bus ride, my stomach was starving and lunch couldn't have came at a better time. I had salad, fish and chicken. The food hit the spot. After lunch, everyone went back to their rooms and rested for the big game. We played against the most known team from Costa Rica, Saprissa. Whenever someone thinks about Costa Rican soccer, they think about Saprissa and how good they are. We not only got to play against their team, we also got to play in their beautiful stadium. Although we ended up losing the game, I will never forget that feeling when I took my first step on to the turf field. We played very well, but towards the end of the game we became fatigued and Saprissa took advantage. Once the final whistle blew, we gathered together and took pictures with the other team. They were really nice and welcoming. Hopefully one day I playing in a stadium like theirs. When we got back to the hotel everyone was tired from the game and decided to take it easy tonight especially because we have community service tomorrow and want to save our energy for the little kids. I can't wait to hang out with the children tomorrow and put a smile on their faces. With that said, Costa Rica has been a life changing experience and something that I will talk about for the rest of my life.

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