The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 12

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Part One
By Paul Blanchette

As I report to you from the San Jose airport, I look back at the days activities.  It all started with a long, early morning as we boarded the bus once again for an experience of a life time.  Today we visited a daycare for children that are in families that lie below the poverty line and they were all six years old or younger.  These children were amazing and filled with energy, loving life.  One of the girls even said "this is the best day of my life".  After the visit to the daycare we had a walking tour of down town San Jose.  Concluding our day of activities we were given some time to shop at a flee market, where there were all sorts of goodies to choses from.  This lead to the long track to the airport and painful goodbyes.  From LMU men's soccer we sign off for the last time in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida

Part Two
By Sean Sears

Today was our last full day in Costa Rica. We spent most of the time travelling from San Carlos to San Jose. While a four hour drive might sound boring it was far from that. For those who do not know, our soccer team is obsessed with napping and will use any break period as an excuse to lay down and get some shut eye, even if only for minute. This was the only ride where almost our whole team stayed awake to enjoy the view of the valleys and the mountains as we winded our way through to San Jose. The view from the curvy rode was something that none of us wanted to sleep through.

We arrived in San Jose with only a couple hours to spare before the game against Saprissa. We got our legs up and prepared for what we expected to be our most competitive game. Our expectations of Saprissa were spot on because for most of the first half they dominated possession and scoring opportunities. We were able to score a goal on a set piece and went into halftime with a 1-0 lead. We ended up conceding 3 goals in the second half and lost the game to a team that was better than us. While were all disappointed in the loss, it was very unreal to play in an actual stadium and we all appreciated the experience. The Saprissa players were all very fun and nice kids and I think they appreciated the experience of playing against us as much as we did playing against them. 

Part Three

By Jackson Criswell

Today is our final day in Costa Rica.  After a late breakfast, we took our last bus trip to a center for under-priveledged children in San Jose. Most of the children were from single mother or abusive households. The children lived at the center for a cost of $300 a month, paid for by donors from the United States or Canada. With their faces and hands pressed against the window, we were greeted with huge cheers.  s we walked in with LMU t-shirts in hand, we were mobbed by kids aged 1-8.  Captain Craig Nitti was a fan favorite, with a dozen kids rushing to his legs within seconds. After an hour of chasing, dancing, basketball and piggyback rides, we left the kids and the center for the second part of our day; the walking tour of San Jose. In the tour, Emilio walked us through the iconic buildings in the capital. He explained Costa Rican history ranging from their civil war in 1948, to their government system modeled after the United States. We concluded the tour at a local flee market, where we shopped through stalls containing everything from hammocks to bamboo knives. Boarding the bus marked the end of the most rewarding day of our adventure.  It was finally time to say goodbye to Costa Rica, and pura vida!

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