The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 3

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Part One

By Cameron Krumpe

Today we had the opportunity to take a catamaran boat tour, after our training in the morning. We traveled into a small nearby town for our practice and we were the talk of the town, parents and children alike came out to watch our training because Costa Ricans really love their soccer. After training we went back to the hotel to eat, and then we were off to the catamaran. The boat tour was a blast! We traveled about five miles then anchored, and the festivities began. This boat provided snorkels and fins for the more adventurous, and it also provided floating noodles for others to relax in the water. All of the people on the boat really picked up on the Costa Rican culture which means they were very friendly. The team spent some quality time together and the trip resulted in some great bonding. Everyone had a great time and was very respectful.

Part Two

By Michael Meissner

Today was a day where the entire team got closer together.  We went on a boat ride called the Catamaran and it allowed everybody to get to know each other very well. Everybody was having a good time and we even had some dance competitions on the boat.  Dylan Seedman was the star of the show trying to get everyone out of their seats to dance. This got everyone pumped up and the whole team was singing and dancing.  Even the people who were on the boat that we didn't know started dancing with us and having a fun time.  We then went snorkeling and everyone started having a mini party in the water and people were freaking out because a jellyfish stung someone.  Once that was over we all got back on the boat and started doing flips off of the side.  Even Coach Krumpe had some incredible backflips and Coach Erush dove off the side too.  Fun Kyle opted out of the jump but everyone still loves him anyway.  At the end of the day the whole team romantically watched the sun set and took some team photos and it was the perfect end to a perfect day. 


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