The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 4

Part One

By Juan De Rada

After our early start to the day we started our journey to the beautiful Punta Leona beach club. We traveled south and the resort is actually located in the middle of the jungle but it is also close to the beach. Soon after we got off the bus you can tell the weather was more humid than Guanacaste. We played Jaco Race, a second division soccer team here in Costa Rica. The team came out strong and after a great halftime speech by the coaches, we were ready to go. The second half started with two early goals, and soon after we gained confidence and scored two more goals on them. This was huge for the team, and we were happy to get our first victory of the trip. 

In the picture below we have Aaron Garfinkel enjoying his stay at the Punta Leona Hotel & Club.


Part Two

By Luc Brubaker

Today we moved our Costa Rican adventure to Punta Leona, four hours from the hotel in Flamingo. Although the trek over to the new hotel was long, there was a lot of beautiful scenery due to the variety of tropical plants and the amazing views from the the edge of the hill. The new hotel has not only brought new vegetation, but also new animals. We have already been exposed to monkeys, as well as other small mammals. This place is nothing short of paradise. Along with the pretty scenery came the pretty style of LMU soccer in our second game of the trip. After a very tough 0-0 tie in the first half, we came out on fire for the second. Scoring four goals in a game is a tough task, but we were able to accomplish it in a single half. Despite the rough field conditions, although the facility was beautiful, we were able to pull out a 4-0 win against a tough opposition. Many local spectators made it out to the match because if there is one thing that I learned on the trip, it's that there is nowhere else a Costa Rican would be, then a soccer field. After the solid win, the team drove back to the hotel to enjoy yet another delicious feast. Costa Rica continues to impress me, making me fall in love with the country with every step that I take.