The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 6

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Part One

By Trent Clifton

After a long day of hiking and swimming yesterday, The LMU Men's Soccer players we're rewarded with a chance to sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast at 8:30 AM this morning.  Although the majority of the guys were struggling to keep their eyes open at the beginning of breakfast, we were quickly alert once a family of white-faced monkeys joined us for the first meal of the day.  We ate our delicious Costa Rican food while the majestic monkeys put on a show just for us.  However, as the monkeys in the canopy distracted us, a few of the cheekier ones swooped down the restaurant pillars and stole the sugar packets from the dining tables.  Even though we were forced to enjoy our fresh Costa Rican coffee without artificial sweetener, no one could deny the incredible experience of being outsmarted by the incredible creatures. 

photo 1.JPG

Connor Hunsicker enjoying breakfast with one of the white-faced monkeys.

After breakfast, Coach Krumpe suggested an optionatory trip to the bustling beach town of Playa Jaco.  The majority of the players attended the trip, as no one wanted to miss exploring any part of this beautiful country.  The two hour excursion found the group buying souvenirs for friends and family, enjoying local Costa Rican smoothies, and walking through the nooks and crannies of one of Costa Rica's many culturally unique beachside villages. 

photo 2.JPG

Craig Nitti, Mark Dotseth, Jackson Criswell, Eric Brunter and Paul Blanchette walk away from the ocean in Playa Jaco.

Upon our return to the Punta Leona Beach Club Hotel, everyone was pretty exhausted, so Coach Krumpe kindly allowed us to have a few hours to relax.  However, no good deed goes unpunished, and the end of our relaxation time was met with a beach run alongside our adventurous head coach. 

photo 3.JPG

Connor Hunsicker and myself alongside our fearless leader Paul Krumpe.

To say we were excited about the run would be an understatement.  The scenery surrounding our run turned even the laziest couch dweller (like myself) in to an avid, ambitious, Olympic caliber marathon runner (like Craig Nitti).  The run began on the gorgeous Punta Leona white sand, and continued onto the rough terrain of the ocean side lava rock.  The 30 players effortlessly traversed across the natural obstacle course and it was truly a sight to see.  The run culminated with an uphill sprint to the top of a rainforest mountain, where not even the torrential downpour could stop our determined team from finishing our fitness regiment.  Even though this was one of the quieter days of the trip, it was still packed with excitement, and carried on the awesome team bonding vibes that are turning the LMU Men's Soccer team in to brothers for life.  

Part Two

By Eric Brunter

We awakened from our slumber at around 8 am today. This was a much needed time to catch up on our sleep since we have been waking up around 7 am each day. After we showered and ate a delicious breakfast we got to go into the nearby town of Jaco. We went window shopping and looked around in the tourist shops for interesting items to buy for people back home. Many interesting knick knacks were found and bought. Overall it was a great experience wandering around the beachside town and talking with my teammates. We left the town and headed back to the hotel for a much needed lunch as many of the guys were starving. After eating we had a couple of hours off before a beach run. All of the team took a nap for the couple of hours before the run. The team ran along the gorgeous beach and into the rain forest while rain was tumbling on their heads. The team bonded in ways they never believed were possible. Dinner was next on the plan and we embraced it with much vigor. No food was out of reach for the starving soccer players. Everything in sight was eaten. After dinner the team hung out around the fancy pool area enjoying the company of themselves and other fine patrons of the hotel. Many new friends were made during this night and bonds were deepened between teammates. Today was a good day. 

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