The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 7

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Part One

By Mark Dodseth

After a quick and final breakfast at our Punta Leona hotel we packed up and traveled north. We first made a quick stop at a bridge well known for crocodiles. While signage suggested otherwise, food was bought from locals on the bridge thrown down to the crocodiles to watch them eat. 


A picture from the bridge looking down

Our afternoon destination for the day was the Baldi hot springs, which was one of the most unique places I have ever experienced. As you proceeded up the mountain the springs increased in temperature, culminating at a rock tower a few stories tall that poured water from the top. Many of the pools cascaded from one to the next. They had even created a sauna by closing off a room that looked like a cave and allowed the hot water to pour through it. On the way to the top there was a set of slides, which may have had a difficult time passing American regulations. While the most extreme of the slides was enclosed, a sharp turn and drop left you airborne and coming into the water from the side of the slide leaving a face of shock from anyone who popped out of the water after the exhilarating ride.  


Photo of Baldi Springs (Taken by Sebastian DeRada)


After a short 40 minute drive we arrived at our newest home, a hotel in the jungle. At night it is difficult to see the exact nature of the hotel except that we are surrounded by trees With troublesome wifi connection in the rooms, it seemed as though a team meeting had been called as the majority of the team gathered in a wifi hotspot shortly after reaching the hotel to check up on the outside world.

Part Two

By Pedro Velazquez

After a free night that turned out to be great for team bonding, we had to wake up the earliest in this trip. This was because we had to pack up for our next ride to San Carlos. About ten minutes in the bus we stopped at the crocodile bridge. There were about fifteen to twenty crocodiles in and outside the muddy water. There was a sign at the beginning of the bridge that said to not feed the crocodiles but Captain Craig thought it was a good idea to throw some meat so the crocodiles would fight for it. I don't know why he would even think about that but he did. After being at the bridge for about twenty minutes taking pictures of the crocodiles, we were suddenly back on the bus and up for another stop for lunch. We stopped at a place about 15 minutes to the hot springs. We ate and quickly scoped the town for a while. When we arrived to the hot springs, the whole team went to the slides. Everyone was having a good time and some decided to try different types of ways to go down the slides. One example was Michael Erush who went head first on the fastest slide there was. He ate it really bad and was complaining about his back for too long.


The pools went from being cold in the bottom to really hot at the top of the peak. We were at the pools for about three hours and most of us were really over it. We were hungry and dinner was not until seven. We were patiently waiting for dinner while watching the Costa Rican soccer championship game. When it was finally time for dinner the whole team went up to the buffet. After dinner we left for our hotel and received our keys. Finding out that there was no Wi-Fi or channels in our rooms was low blow!

Part Three

By Leon Prikhodovskiy

Today we left Punta Leona and were headed for La fortuna. One the way we stopped by a local bridge where crocodiles hung out. Craig Nitti bought some meat to toss down there and we all watched the crocodiles devour the meat. We then went to the hot springs where we swam in different pools of increasing temperatures. Overall the day was  pretty relaxing.

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