The Lions In Costa Rica - Day 1

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By Billy Thompson

Greetings Readers! Throughout this blog you will be given first hand accounts and photographs of the LMU Men's Soccer trip to Costa Rica provided by the players themselves.


We began our journey late on Sunday night with a 1:00am departure from LAX. As you can see, some of the older members of our party were not able to keep up with the more spirited youth.


Photographed: Juan DeRada and Matthew Casana

Photo Credit: John McFarlin

We took the time during our layover to enjoy some muchneeded R&R during which many players took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep from finals week.


Photographed L to R: Bryce Bacic, Matthew Casana, Michael Erush, Billy Thompson (sleeping), Dillon Seedman, and Colleen Duff.

Photo Credit: John McFarlin


The second flight, from San Salvador, El Salvador to Guanacaste, Costa Rica, featured an aircraft that was less than accommodating for the larger members of the LMU Men's Soccer Team. However, it did provide members of the Nitti family the opportunity to bond over some quality family time:


Photographed: Craig Nitti and Gary Nitti

Photo Credit: John McFarlin


After about a two hour nap on the bus ride from the airport, we arrived at our hotel; the Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa.  This is Paul, Vincent, and my view of the central pool from the balcony in our room.


Photo Credit: Paul Blanchette

Here we have the infamous towel elephant claiming one of the two twin beds to be shared between three six-foot plus goalkeepers.


Photo Credit: Paul Blanchette


The hotel provides great insight into the immense biodiversity that Costa Rica prides itself on. Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the surface area of Earth yet accounts for 6% of the total biodiversity.


Photographed: One of the numerous iguanas seen roaming around the facilities.

Photo credit: John McFarlin

The food accommodations thus far have been delicious. We are served buffet style meals for both lunch and dinner and can expect the same for the duration of our stay at the Flamingo Resort. 


Photographed: Assorted members of the LMU Men's Soccer Team enjoying lunch together family style.

Photo Credit: Billy Thompson


As you can see, today was a very taxing day on all of us.


Photographed: Paul Blanchette anxiously waiting the arrival of his partner for the evening to share the bed.

Photo Credit: Billy Thompson

Tomorrow is a big day and a big opportunity for the team. We are very excited as we get to showcase our abilities for the first time against a full Costa Rican side during our first game tomorrow afternoon!

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