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Hey there Lion fans!

Your Lady Lions have been busier than ever the past week or so! We were lucky enough to have Easter break last week to get a little breather from school, but we were still out battling on the courts! On Thursday, your lions killed it against Cal Poly 6-1. Shout out to Andy at the No. 3 spot for getting a 6-0 6-0 win! We all know how tough it is to get bagel sets in Division 1 college tennis, so congrats to her for staying so tough out there!

We had our first conference match against the Pepperdine waves on Saturday at their home courts, but unfortunately fell short and lost 6-1. We were disappointed we couldn't get the win against the biggest rival, but the waves did play tough. Once again, our super freshman Elvira shined on court No. 4 on Saturday! She posted an awesome 6-2 6-3 straight set victory. She has now won an impressive 7 matches in a row! We are all so proud of her for killing it her first year!

After the match, Agustin told us "We fought and that's all that matters." He always makes sure to emphasize to always fight. Even if it's not your day or something goes wrong, you must always fight. In fact, it is those bad days that you must fight the hardest because if you can fight through struggles it will make you that much better mentally. If you fight and try your best to win no matter what is preventing you from doing so, you have succeeded in some way even if you don't think so. The Lady Lions took this loss in a positive way and are more motivated than ever for the upcoming matches.

We have a chunk of some of the most important matches of the season ahead of us. We return back to our home courts this weekend taking on The University of the Pacific Tigers on Friday and the St. Mary's Gaels on Saturday. I can feel the team getting stronger and stronger every day and it is such a great feeling. It is not only that we are getting tougher, the belief is getting stronger as well. It is something I have seen grow so rapidly since the fall. I would keep an eye out for these girls the next few weeks because this is one tough squad who is ready to do great things. The Lady Lions have returned back to practice this week and everyone is healthy and ready for battle against tough opponents this weekend!

That's all for now tennis fans!



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Hey there Lion fans!

Your lady lions dropped another tough 4-3 loss against Harvard at home this past Wednesday afternoon. It was another one of those close nail biters! The lions dropped a close doubles point, and fell short in singles. As always, we had a few lions shine! Anna and Tatijana rocked it at number 3 doubles winning a clean set! As for singles, we won on courts 1, 2 and 4 all in three sets. Even though we fell short and lost the match, the lady lions still fought until the very end as always!

As always, the lady lions bounced back on the courts the next day and got right back to work! We were able to learn from this tough loss and put it behind us. I really admire this team for this because it's really hard to put losses behind you individually and as a team. The fact that this team can take a tough loss  that can really easily turn into a negative environment and make it a positive one instead is really quite amazing. That is really hard to do, especially with tennis players. Playing in this team environment when it's supposed to be a individual sport can be really challenging because it is the only college sport where you can win and lose at the same time. In the match against Harvard I was able to pull out my match, but my team lost.  I'm sure my teammates and other college tennis players can relate to this; having those mixed feeling is really tough. It's just so great the way this team handles that type of situation. When we lose and some girls win, those girls that win look just as disappointed as the girls that lost their matches. This just goes to show that this team lives up to that motto "There is no I in Team."

Believe it or not we are already halfway done with season, which means conference matches are just around the corner! We open up conference play next Saturday at Pepperdine. What better way to open up conference play than to play a match against a big time rival! We are so excited to start conference play because we have so much confidence that we're going to do so well in the conference this year, and this is what we've been working so hard for. Before our first conference match, we're going to continue to battle at home against Cal Poly on Thursday!

That's all for now lion fans!



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Hey there lion fans!

It was a tough week for your lady lions. We had 3 matches in a row this week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but it was great playing back at home again! Nothing is better than playing on your home turf!

We opened up our busy week with a tough match against Georgetown. The lions started out tough clinching that doubles point with a win at the #1 and #3 spots. Georgetown came out tough in singles defeating 4 out of the six singles spots, which brought it to an overall score of 4-3 for Georgetown. Even though we lost the match, the girls fought so hard. I was actually the deciding point at 3-3, but lost the match in a tight 3rd set. It killed me not being able to win that point for my team, but I'm so lucky I have teammates that were still so proud of me for fighting and to encourage me to keep my head up.

We didn't let that loss to Georgetown bring us down! The lady lions turned it around on Wednesday and posted a big victory over Utah State. Once again the lions claimed that doubles point and started singles off with a 1-0 lead. Our freshman, Elvira was the first lion to post a singles victory defeating her opponent in straight sets, which was her third straight win in a row! So proud of her for doing so well this season, and killing it with me in doubles! It was a tough start on courts 1,2 and 3 for the lions all dropping the first set, but we all fought back and won in three sets. Unfortunately, our number 5 singles lost a tough one bringing our final score to 5-2. The coaches were so proud of us for fighting so hard today and battling back. Agustin always emphasizes to us that no matter what the score is you've got to keep fighting and that's exactly what the lady lions did!

As for the final match of the week, the lions faced a tough match against Boston University. We had a rough start in doubles losing that doubles point, but as always the lions battled back in singles. In my match on court 1, my opponent retired in the middle of the first set due to illness which brought the score automatically to 1-1. Over on court 2, our mega fighter Kristine fought so hard the first set winning in a tiebreaker 7-6. After winning that set, she closed it out nicely in the second 6-1 bringing the score to 2-1. Unfortunately, on courts 3, 5 and 6 the lions fell in all super tight matches. Once again, Elvira was able to win her singles match winning that nasty 3rd set tiebreaker! That brought the overall score to 4-3 for Boston. Losing those tight 4-3 matches is such a heartbreaker especially for how much we fought.

After the match we had a team meeting, and Agustin told us that matches like these are ones you can learn from the most. Even though we lost, we know we are so tough and soon we'll be the ones winning those tight 4-3 matches. What really caught my eye this week was how tough this team really is. Something about this team is we absolutely hate to lose. When we do lose, it only makes us stronger and want to win the next match even more. After we lose a tough match, we always exchange positive and encouraging words with each other to keep on fighting and to keep our heads up. That's something I really admire about this team, and I'm so proud to call each one of these girls my teammates. We are so confident as a team that all the hard work we've been doing this year is going to pay off soon!

The lions get a little bit of a breather the next few days from the tough week, but we are back at it again with a match at home against Harvard next Wednesday!

That's all for now lion fans!




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Hey there tennis fans!

Jessica from the LMU Women's tennis team here! I thought it would be great to keep the tradition of our team blog going, so I will be taking over since Logan graduated. Big thanks to her for starting a team blog and for starting a tradition that I hope future team members will keep up in the future! 

It's been quite a while since we have updated you with what is going on with our team, so let me give you a little update! We started the 2015-2016 with new classes, new teammates, new coaches and new beginnings! In the fall, my teammates and I were welcomed back with a new coach taking charge, Agustin Moreno. Agustin came from an impressive background coaching at the University of South Florida and had tremendous success such as a pair of conference championships and six NCAA appearances. He also had his own success with being an All-American at Pepperdine and participating in the 1988 Olympics and 1988 French Open. Shortly after Agustin was hired he brought in our assistant coach, Katie Vasenina. Katie actually played under Agustin at University of South Florida from 2009-2013. She played at the #1 spot and got a ranking as high as #26 in the nation! We're so lucky to have someone like her who has this experience in college tennis and know what it's like to be in our shoes!

With these two brand new coaches on board, we were excited to start the new school year and of course tennis season! Also, I wanted to take a minute to introduce our newest members of the team! We have three new freshmen: Tatijana, Jackie and our newest one who just came in January, Elvira. They are all such fantastic new members of our team all coming from such strong tennis backgrounds. They are such great teammates and tennis players with great attitudes!

With all these new changes, we started out the fall with a tough fall schedule with practice, running, weights, yoga... everything! Agustin really believes in us as a team, so he wanted us to start off with a good training schedule and pushing us hard. We played a few tournaments, had pretty good results in the fall and got used to the new coaching and all that.  More importantly, now tennis season has officially begun! We started the season end of January with a couple of close matches with Cal State Northridge and Cal State Fullerton. We lost both 4-3 in super tight matches, but Agustin kept encouraging us to keep fighting and that the wins were going to come soon and to keep believing! Sure enough, we had our first win of the season against Sacramento State 5-2, which gave us a huge boost of confidence since we lost 7-0 to them last year.

In the past two weeks we have had a couple of tough losses against UC Santa Barbara and Long Beach State (both really tough teams), but we didn't let that drag us down! This past Tuesday, we had a great win over San Diego State 5-2. Unfortunately, we had a couple girls get injured at the last minute and they couldn't play, but that didn't stop us!  It was such a great win for us because not only did we beat a good team, we had such a fighting attitude.  I even played so well and was able to beat a ranked opponent because my teammates gave me so much motivation, I couldn't have done it without them! San Diego State was another team we lost 7-0 to last year, so we got another huge boost of confidence! After the match, Agustin and Katie asked us what we learned from the match. As a team, we learned how tough we really are and how we can really beat any team if we set our minds to it. It's amazing how these kinds of wins and experiences really bring us closer as a team and get us even closer to reaching our goals!

This next week, we got three home matches in a row Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We're finally back at home after being on the road for almost a month. We're playing a couple teams from the East Coast, so it will be a good mix up for us to play some players we've never seen before. We start off our busy week playing Georgetown on Tuesday!

That's all for now lion fans!




Hey there tennis fans!

It's been a long road! Your lady lions have been through a whirl-wind of a season. Emotions have been run high and blood, sweat and tears has been put into every practice and match we have had all year long. It's a true testament to the tremendous tenacity each and every player has each and every day we hit the court.

We finished up our last two matches on the road....literally a road trip as in, we drove. We drove up to Northern California for our match against St. Mary's followed by a Stockton trip a little farther north to play University of Pacific. The heat was brutal. St. Mary's was our first opponent and they were tough. The match didn't go our way but Jessica had a solid win at 1 singles.

Pacific was next and our final match of the regular season before the conference tournament. We literally left it all on the court. The match was close throughout. There were two hugely important matches in the end that ultimately determined the overall outcome of the match. Both Anna and Julia were initially down in their matches at no. 3 and 6 singles, but that fire in them that I admire so much kept them grinding away and they both made huge comebacks so we could ultimately secure those matches and clinch the victory 4-3 over Pacific! It was amazing and such an awesome way to end the regular season.

Coach Jamie was so proud of us and he texted us after we traveled back home after the long trip to let us know how proud he was of us and it made us feel so great. Of course we work so hard to achieve our own satisfaction of winning but we also do it for our team and for our coaches who sacrifice and incredible amount of time and effort to helping us be the best version of ourselves not only on the tennis court but off as well. It is the biggest treat for a coach to see his players utilize the skills we have been taught from our rigorous hours on the court. We're making him proud!

This is what he texted us after the big win: "Everyone, I want you to know that yesterday's match was a monumental team effort. It was one of the best experiences that I had the pleasure of experiencing as a coach. Thank you for the privilege of sharing it with me!" Jamie

Okay, I would be lying if I said I didn't get a little teary-eyed. This is exactly what we need to hear as we head into the conference tournament this coming week. On Tuesday, we head down to San Diego to play at the infamous Barnes Tennis Center for the tournament. Our first round match is "to be determined" but we more than ever, the lady lions are hungry to battle our hearts off for one last time. If you see any of us around campus this week, wish us good luck and we hope to make you all proud and bring home the championship!

That's all for now. GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

We wrapped up our final home matches of the season with Pepperdine on Thursday and Portland on Saturday. Our doubles looked so strong and we almost snuck the point away from Pepperdine. I was so impressed and we had great momentum going into singles play.

The No. 16th ranked Pepperdine is a long time rival and always puts forth a solid squad but like all of the matches we play, we were right in there the whole time. Special shout out to Jess at 1 for her huge singles win. That was a huge win for her! Unfortunately that was the only win we got in the match, but this match in particular was a prime example of the final score on paper does not reflect the performances out there in the slightest.

Our next match up was against the No. 48th ranked Portland Pilots on Saturday. That was also Senior Day since we acknowledged that was our very last home match of our college careers. We recognized the five individuals who have been a member of the team since freshmen year. And I know every individual out there brought out their fiercest inner lion to make the seniors proud. Portland is once again a very tough team as every single team in our conference. We had such clutch singles wins from Anna and Kristine at 3 and 4. They were ultimate tenacious battlers and I know those were great wins for their confidences.

Followed by the match, some fans, friends, and family joined our team in a conference room for a little ceremony to honor the seniors for Senior Day. I did not have the intent that I was going to cry, but the minute we sat down to start the ceremony, the tears started shedding. We hadn't even started yet! Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck. And they were contagious! My fellow team captain, Lisa's eyes started to water and then some of our teammates as well. Oh gosh. It did not make it easy to get through that ceremony. 



Coach Jamie talked about all five of us seniors individually including Ana Lucia, Madison, Kristine (who will be tennis eligible for one more year), Lisa and myself. Jamie shared a quote for each of us for which he thought would be an accurate depiction of us. And they were. It was really sweet but very emotional. It really hit me how enormous an impact the tennis team has been on my college years. Those strenuous practices 6 days a week, the cross training, the meetings, the matches, the team bonding....what an incredible ride it's been! But I would not change any bit of it for the world. I don't want to get too sappy yet as the season is not completely over and I don't want to start tearing up again as I am writing this. To be continued...

This coming week, we finish up our last two matches on the road with St. Mary's followed by University of Pacific. Here it is! The final two before the big Conference tournament. So let's keep the positive vibes going the Lion way and wish us luck for the last leg of the season!

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

            I am sorry that I did not post last week. I have decided to combine this week's blog with last week's as it was our Spring Break. Although us student athletes who have spring sports don't have much of a "spring break" because we are in the very height of our seasons. That is just the nature of being a collegiate student athlete. Our will power is ultimately put to the test with our most competitive foot forward as we carry on through the remainder of the season.  It definitely helps to not have to attend classes during this "spring break" though. Actually, thank goodness we don't have to...We had three matchs  upon us, two of which would be home games.

            We began our spring break with a tough match against USD. The Torreros had a pretty similar record thus far this season so we knew it would be a close one. And a close one it was indeed. Doubles gave us a little trouble. Even though we all possess awesome doubles knowledge, we still battle some execution problems that sometime we cannot afford to give up when doubles match are so incredibly quick. Doubles did hurt us, but each singles match was fought so well from us that it could have been anyone's match. The outcome did not go our way and it left us at 2-5 loss, but once again this loss was not due to a lack of talent. It was simply USD staying a little more mentally tough until the bitter end. They just wanted it a little more than we did.



            Referring to the above quote, (Coach Jamie's of course) "You can't outplay your self belief. Building belief is your secret weapon." Before we can focus on results, we must have belief in ourselves. Having self-belief is essentially a foundation for success. They go together in a sense. 

How can you expect to be successful when you don't even have faith in yourself? With this said, self-belief is a key ingredient, ergo our secret weapon to see the results we want to on the court. We need to keep up the encouragement amongst the team in order for us to be reminded how truly amazing each and everyone os us and that anyone can beat anyone any day of the week. The sky's the limit!

            Our next opponent: Santa Clara on Thursday. Our doubles didn't give us a chance to start strong but our singles matches were super well fought from 1-6. And every single match was incredibly close until the bitter end. 

That brutal 3-4 loss struck again. And as easy as it is to dwell on a loss especially as close as that one, we had to hang our heads high for the next one. Any negative energy carried on from a loss can really affect the next match. This is because as tennis players, we realize how much of a mental challenge it is. Have you ever heard the quote, "tennis is 90% mental and 10% physical?" Odd to think about initially but when you think about how much the sport gets to your head. 

17013170445_91f1553a0e_o.jpg 16826952679_7dd443c9f8_o.jpg

When you miss an easy approach shot going to net, it's hard not to get mad at yourself and erase it from your mind entirely when you are given a 30 second break before the next point. Or how about the instance when you are up 4-3, Deuce (because we don't play add's in the new format).

 If you think too hard about it, you can lose the point and bring it back to 4-4 or if you play fiercely, you can win that game and put yourself in good position to win the set with a 5-3 lead. Minds are crazy and they are racing constantly. And we are only human, but we can control our minds to the best that we can.


This past Saturday (on Easter-eve) we played USF. This match was no different than our battles against USD and Santa Clara. These players are just as hungry and feisty and competitive as the girls before. And never in my mind do I doubt that we aren't ready. The matches against USF were tight until that very last match on. 

Special shout out to Kristine for her clutch win at 4 after facing some obstacles throughout the match. The ending match score did not end up giving 

16825663860_39262fe927_o.jpgLMU the overall victory but I was still so impressed with the fight from my teammates. We are in every match we play we never give up. And at the end of the day, that is all you can ask for in a player.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

The grind is real. Not one match we have played has been an easy one. We are facing all ranked teams that are just as feisty and tenacious to win. No mercy, right? What sets us back a little bit is that we lack the confidence we need to stay strong and hang tough through every single match situation. When we start to lose that fire, we see this energy carry out into our other matches that follow and it becomes really difficult to bounce back and secure the wins.

We hosted our first home conference match of the season against Gonzaga. Although the result was not in our favor, we battled as best we could. San Diego State was our next opponent and they always have a strong squad so we could not afford to show any signs of weakness. Unfortunately we fell short as well and it seemed we felt both physically and emotionally defeated. It breaks my heart to see my team so bummed out.

We need to find it in ourselves to believe that we can beat any team we play. We don't lack the talent nor the passion. We have it! We just have to find it again. The season is still young. We are just getting into our conference matches and we have time to make a strong turn around. The results will come and it's important in these times that we stay motivated and support each other because although tennis is an individual sport and our results are based on the individual performances, we still are a team at the end of the day, and any sort of support we can get can only help us moving forward.

This coming weekend we start our spring break. So yay for the no classes! We do have quite a jam-packed match schedule however with three conference matches lined up the following week. So we must keep that focus strong and be ready to battle! To tip off Spring break weekend, we will travel down to San Diego to play USD. Wish us luck!

I love my team and I know we can get through this little speed bump. So let's go lady lions and lets embark on this comeback trail!




Hey there tennis fans!

We are well into the height of our season and things are heating up. Our bodies are getting stronger, more agile and somewhat more flexible but we would be lying if we said that our bodies aren't taking a beating from all of the matches we have played one after the other. As Division I players, we understand the discipline that is required, the caliber of tennis that we must compete against and the brutal travel schedule; it is simply the nature of the game. With this said, of course we are going to feel fatigued from time to time but because we know what is expected of us and what level so many aspiring junior tennis players out there aspire to be at, it is crucial that we recover and bounce back quick and as fresh as ever. Easier said then done sometimes, but hey, if tennis was easy, than everyone would do it!

On Thursday we ventured over to Logan, Utah for back-to-back matches. We had a huge first win on Thursday over the No. 69 ranked, Utah State. That was a major test of our tenacity and our "refuse to lose" mentality. We were right into every single match until the bitter end. They made me so proud out there! Special shout out to Kristine and Julia who had clutch wins at No. 4 and 5 singles to clinch our victory. BYU was our next match-up not to mention, our first conference match of the season. They were tough, no doubt about it. Ranked No. 52, BYU gave us some tough competition to work against but we held our own and fought as hard as we could. The match didn't go our way but we know we couldn't get too down because we had another match on the horizon.

With a day of practice in between, we were faced with yet another day of competition against No. 75, Sacramento State. The matches were tight, but Sac State pulled out the victory a little fresher and tougher than we did. A little mental and physical break from tennis is much needed after a crazy week that we went through.

We were thankful to get this past Monday off to regroup and catch up on sleep and schoolwork that all added up upon our absence in Utah followed by our match against Sac State on Sunday. That's three matches in four days! Yikes!

We are going to try to hang mentally and physically strong throughout this coming week so we are ready for our duel set of matches for Saturday: Gonzaga and San Diego State.

Wish us luck and GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans,

This past week was an extremely moving week at LMU to celebrate women. LMU hosted its first annual Title IX celebration. And I just happen to know someone who is a strong proponent of Title IX: my coach. Not only does Title IX hold a special place in his heart, but he basically started Title IX at our university by introducing the first ever women's sports team (tennis) and athletic scholarship on campus. He's a living legend I tell you.

Just as a refresher as to what this whole Title IX thing is about... 1972 marked the date when Title IX of the Education Amendment passed as a primary law barring sex discrimination in education, activities and sports programs. Since then, Title IX required schools and colleges to receive federal funds to give women and girls equal opportunities to compete in athletics as well as receive scholarships, equipment, coaching, facilities (all of which had been given to men and excluded from women before). It is fascinating to hear how impactful Title IX has been for female athletes. In fact, the number of female college athletes is nearly five times the pre-Title IX rate.

In order to honor and celebrate Title IX at LMU, ASLMU (Associated Students of LMU) organized a series of events throughout the week. The celebration opened up with a field day, (an open activity day during convo for both genders to play sports in a fun atmosphere), followed by an amazing speech, which was delivered by the incredibly admirable and poised former professional basketball player, Lisa Leslie. It was fascinating to listen to her experiences as a woman in professional sports. She was a perfect representation of what Title IX is all about. And hey, she was the first woman to ever dunk in basketball! Coach Jamie insisted I take a picture with her in the end. So I snagged this one (attached). She's pretty tall, eh? 


Continuing the Title IX festivities, Mid way through the week, there was a "dinner and dialogue" event where female faculty and staff members discussed working in academia at a professional level as women. Lastly, ASLMU arranged a panel that discussed what college was like for women prior to Title IX and Coach Jamie was on it! The more times I hear about Jamie's journey at LMU from a student-athlete to a coach of both the men's and women's team to now professor and the copious amount of achievements made in between then, I will forever be in awe.


It was an awesome week and we could tell how passionate Jamie was about each and every event that celebrated Title IX. Because of this, my team and I made sure we could come support him any and every chance we had.

Back to a tennis note, we had a tough loss (3-4) to CSU Fullerton on Saturday. We are battling some physical hick-ups from the squad which I think affected our overall performance. At this point, it is super important that we are taking care of our bodies (physically and mentally) so that we are ready for all of these conference matches that come one after the other. We need to stay as healthy as possible and prevent this fatigue that tends to happen the more matches we play so often. We now gear up for two matches in Utah this week. First, we play Utah State and BYU (our first conference match!)

That's all for now. GO LIONS!