Hey there tennis fans!

            Your lady lions were graced with Spring Break No. 1 this past Wednesday, which was much to our delight. Spring Break in February you might ask? Funky I know. We have a different break schedule for this spring semester than normal, and one of which happened to be this week. Coach Jamie gave us the day off on Wednesday, which was nice because we had absolutely no obligations to attend. We did not have to worry about rushing back for weights or practice from class. We could seize the day and give ourselves a full mental break from all our responsibilities. And it was smack-down in the middle of the week!

            Lisa, Ellie and I decided to go hiking in Malibu for the day. The day was warm with a little cloud cover and I researched a prime hiking trail overlooking the ocean as well as the Malibu hills that we could tackle. It was beautiful! After, we decided to go to that ever-trendy lunch spot, Malibu Farms, on the pier. Not surprisingly, it did not seize to disappoint. It was a day well spent. 

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        The rest of our team utilized that free-time appropriately and caught up on some homework while others went to the beach to enjoy that rare February sunshine. Julia was happy to spend some time with her family who traveled over from Sweden for a couple weeks. They used that free Wednesday to go to Disneyland. What a treat! 

10978486_10206450196120809_3709338798800854852_n.jpg IMG_4326.JPG

            We returned to practice mode full force on Thursday to gear up for our match against UCSB on Saturday. It is amazing what one-day of rest can to your mind and body. It was much needed. We traveled up to Santa Barbara Saturday morning. The Gauchos were looking strong right out of the gates, and it was tough to shift our momentum and play with reckless abandon. Anna had an awesome win at 5 but unfortunately we could not secure the win.

            We hang our heads high, however as we press on into this week. On Friday morning, we travel to the city of Sin, Las Vegas to take on University of Arizona and UNLV. It will not be your average Vegas adventure but we are excited for a little road trip and to keep working on our games so we can improve each and every match in order to best prepare us once the conference matches start.

Wish us luck as our season continues to roll on through. That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

This week was a good week for your lady lions. We finally got around to taking our team picture for the website. It's only one picture that we need, but of course (because we are girls) it almost seems virtually impossible to get the perfect picture and one that everyone will equally like or at least, tolerate. So it may not surprise you that a majority of us want to retake them this week. Girls will be girls, am I right?

The Loyolan came to interview Coach Jamie about celebrating his big 40th season as head coach. Not too long ago, you might remember that I actually wrote an almost identical article about Jamie for one of my journalism classes, which will also be featured in March's issue of Inside Tennis Magazine. So definitely check that out when that's released! In addition to Jamie's interview regarding his 40th anniversary, they requested that the two captains also be interviewed for the story. So Lisa and I had to string some nice thoughts to say about Jamie.

It was a struggle. Totally kidding....we can go on forever about some of the crazy endeavors he's experienced, the philosophical epiphanies, the corky jokes that come out on a daily basis but also about how great of a mentor, coach and father figure he has been to all of us and I imagine all of his former players over the past 40 years. Stay tuned for that article to be released in the Loyolan soon!

This past Saturday, which happened to be Valentines Day, we traveled up north to play the Cal Poly Mustangs. Our matches are always super tight with them year after year so we were mentally prepared for a heated battle. After a tough doubles go, we stepped it up big time in singles play and posted wins across the board except for one. This left us with a final match score of 5-2. Shout out to my lions for the big fight. It made that long 4 ½ or so hours or so drive worth it. Not to mention on a day celebrating love, we could walk away playing the sport we love with a victory. What can be better?

Entering our Spring Beak this week, we have yet another travel trip to play UCSB this coming Saturday. So we're looking forward to that.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

This week we had a pair of matches. The first team we battled was No. 74, UC Irvine at Ivine. Doubles looked a little rocky, so we were off to a slow start. But we managed to pull together solid singles play where our intensity was at a high level throughout. It was not enough to win the overall match (2-5) but it definitely was a test to the kind of performance we can deliver out there! And each time, it will get better and better and our execution will be there so we will be able to clinch those wins.

Our next match-up was against Long Beach this past Friday. Every year, our matches with them get super competitive and this year was no different. Our doubles looked a little weak and we had trouble keeping our confidence up going into our singles matches, which ultimately cost us the victory at the end. I think our loss was not due to any physical disadvantages but I think we struggled mentally. This struggle has led us to make several unforced errors in unfortunate situations. Considering the doubles matches are so quick now with the new 6-game pro-set format versus the previous 8-game pro-set, we cannot afford to make so many unforced errors. We can overcome this. I know we can. Losing these matches help us realize what we must not repeat and we will do everything we can to improve upon that and be best prepared for the next match!

On Saturday, our team helped out with a tennis clinic at the Stub Hub Center or more commonly known as the Home Depot Center. The athletic facilities were amazing. I have never been and I have always wanted to make a trip to see it at some point. On the soccer fields, we peered at the LA Galaxy soccer team having a practice.

 That was definitely cool to see. The kid turnout for the tennis clinic was great. We had about five rotations going of different stations of passionate tennis kids. I love seeing how excited the kids all get to hit the ball around because my teammates and me can call relate to how they feel when we were growing up and becoming so hooked on the sport. Not to mention, there were definitely some future tennis studs on the horizon that I observed. All in all, we had a blast!  




Our next match is on Valentines Day actually against Cal Poly on their home courts! Why not spend the day of 'love' playing the sport we love?

That's all for now! GO LIONS!




Hey there tennis fans!

How about that super bowl, huh? It is amazing to see that no matter what the sport it is, the game is never really over until it's over. And the final two minutes can really make all the difference. Normally, I cheer on any team from Boston especially considering I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, however, I am not huge on the Patriots. So I decided to pull for the Seahawks but, wow what a brutal finish, am I right? Pete Carroll and the rest of Seattle are going to be bitter for a while. It was an incredible game nevertheless.

As for a tennis update: Fighting back from some minor injuries, we finally are looking like a fairly complete and healthy team. I was battling bicep tendonitis for a couple months, Julia had an ab strain and others had some ankle injuries here and there. What's important is that we took the necessary steps and proper care in order for us to bounce back on the court in a timely manner.

On Thursday, we took on No. 1 and last year's NCAA champs, UCLA. As we put their obvious reputation aside, we lady lions put up quite a fight against the Bruins. Jess had an amazing match at 1 and came close while the others gave everything they had. After all, we had nothing to lose and we are still testing out our strengths and weaknesses in these early season matches. I am really proud of the tenacity my team showed out there.

We celebrated my fellow team captain, Lisa's birthday on Friday. Our initial plan was to have a giant bonfire for her because we have always tried to plan that as one of our team bonding adventures, but naturally, Friday was the only day of the week that the rain gods decided to grace us with their presence. And it was not a light rain, mind you. It was a pour. So to our misfortune, a birthday bonfire was out of the picture. Our back-up plan: C&O's for some killer Italian cuisine. And it was a round 2 C&O's outing considering we went the previous year for her birthday. We know how much Lisa loves her pasta. It was a lot of fun!

This coming week, we have two matches scheduled. Our first one is up against UC Irvine on Tuesday away followed by CSU Long Beach at home on Friday. The grind is going. And we can use all the support we can get! As the reality of being a senior has really set in for me, I have this hard-core LMU spirit pumping through my veins. I don't want to graduate knowing that I missed out on showing some Lion love to all the other sport teams who work equally as hard to compete at such a high level and do our school proud.

Thus I decided to attend four sport games on Saturday. I first went to the guys tennis match, then the baseball game, followed by rugby and finally ice hockey. I have never been to a single LMU rugby or ice hockey game so that was a blast to watch. All of our teams ended up winning too, which was awesome. I am hoping that by showing my support at those games, perhaps some of those athletes will return the favor and come out to some of our tennis matches! I am going to make that a goal this semester. Count on it!

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

The season is rolling and what a season we have ahead of us! We have been in the midst of formulating solid doubles team combinations as well as organizing a fearless singles line-up. Our very first home match took place on Thursday against UC Riverside. No matter what group of talent we face from a team, my teammates realize that we need to block out any preconceived notions and just play our games.

What's important is that we deliver OUR best performances on the court while staying true to our game styles. That means don't get caught up into our opponents game styles because that shift can lead us to lose our confidence, and fast. Coach Jamie and Ivan constantly reiterate that every match is beneficial for us because we can be exposed to all sorts of situations that simply aim to strengthen our experience as collegiate players. Getting exposed to different situations in these early season matches will be extremely beneficial for us as the season progresses and we play more and more matches.

Following our first match, Coach Jamie stressed that as much as wins are great and we should be happy when they come, we cannot get too comfortable. If we get too comfortable, then we start to lose our focus and discipline about the matches ahead. This means taking care of our bodies whether that means recovering from matches with a protein shake topped off with some ice or treatment or taking the time to get a good long stretch in.

Recovery is huge. We have matches roughly once a week from here until the end of the season in April. Not to mention, every match is different. Therefore, we must take care of ourselves and prepare for the next matches accordingly.

I personally am pumped about the road ahead and I love that I can have one of my best friends and fellow captains, Lisa by my side to help lead our team to our best season yet!

This Thursday, we play UCLA (last year's NCAA DI champs) on their home turf. This should be an awesome challenge for us and we are excited to get the opportunity to play our hearts out against these Bruin beasts especially because we have nothing to lose.

Come our and support your lady lions. That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are excited about what 2015 has in store for all of us, I know I am! Unfortunately, two members of our team, Laura and Audrey will not be returning to LMU due to some family complications. We will miss them and pray for them and their families and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors. After a well-rested and relaxing Christmas break, The Lady Lions came back on campus a week early for some early training to gear up for our first match against USC who is ranked No. 14. It was great to get settled back in LA before schools gets back in session not to mention, get back our rhythm on the court and knock out the dreaded fitness testing.

We were all pretty surprised and impressed with our fitness testing results especially because we admittedly indulged in the fancy foods of the holidays. It was reassuring to have our fitness is in tact because it will be ultimately tested as we enter our long grueling matches when season starts up!

USC hosted our match at the Manhattan Country Club. The club had awesome facilities and we were so fortunate to play over there. We had to be on our best behavior! Because of USC's reputation, we knew we were in for a tough match, but it was a perfect opportunity for us to work on things and play with some of the highest caliber of players in the country. We had nothing to lose. 

Coach Jamie reiterates the importance of having confidence in ourselves no matter who we face. Sure we are going to play other more talented teams, but we can't become professionals over night. We have to use the game we have even if it is super crafty and maximize it to put on our best performances on the court. We did a lot of positive things in the match and Coach Jamie and Ivan were proud of our intensity throughout. We put up a solid fight for the 'fight on' squad.

This past weekend was the homecoming basketball game where we played Gonzaga. Some of our team including myself came out to support and contributed to an amazing turnout. 


It's always good to root on the other teams who work equally as hard to make our school proud. It was also the annual athlete formal on Saturday night. Considering all of us student athletes are used to seeing each other sweaty from practice or from weights, it's nice to have an event where we all get dressed up. We can actually clean up pretty good and it's fun to see all of the athletes come together. It was a great time!

 This week, we are excited to host our first home match against UC Riverside at 1:30. We'd love to see you all out there.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Just like that, the first half of the year for the Lady Lions is over, which means the seniors, including myself, only have one more semester remaining, and the most important semester to look forward to, our regular season of matches. WOW!

Once our pre-season ended the week of Thanksgiving, it seemed like time was all a blur. That is definitely due to the dumping of schoolwork on us for which we had to complete for the semester. It always gets super heavy with final tests and papers in the homestretch, but once we get out of that last final, there almost seems like no better feeling in the world.

One of my personal final projects for my sports journalism class was to write a feature one someone that I admire in sports. When I think about people in the tennis industry that I truly admire, naturally I think of Coach Jamie Sanchez who has not been an amazing coach to me but a father figure, mentor and biggest cheerleader of everything I do both on and off the court. Considering we are celebrating the 40th year of the tennis team and the 40th year as the head coach of the first women's sports program ever at LMU, I thought Jamie would be the perfect person to choose for a great article! I had a ton of fun interviewing him as well as multiple close sources of him including former teammates, player, family members, colleagues etc. I think it's safe to say that my brain is pretty filled Jamie Sanchez knowledge, and he could possibly be one of the most interesting people I have ever gotten the pleasure to know.

Since I freelance write for Inside Tennis magazine, a regional tennis publication, I thought it would be perfect if I got permission to publish the article that I was originally just writing for my final class assignment. My boss at my magazine publication was thrilled with the idea! So look out soon for my article about Jamie in the magazine. I will also post it to the main LMU tennis website so you can all take a look!

We had a nice breakaway from our studies for our annual Cheesecake Factory Secret Santa fiasco with our whole team and coaches. What better way to take in some fuel for studying than some prime cheesecake, right? 


It was really great to get everyone together one last time before we all leave in different directions for the holiday! The gift exchanges were super cute and people were so thoughtful with what they got each other. 

Our assistant coach, Ivan had me for Secret Santa and he got me Rafael Nadal's book, Rafa, that recently came out on New York's Bestseller list and Ivan knew that I have been dying to read that! I am so excited for my holiday read!


On behalf of the LMU Women's Tennis team, I hope you all had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015! Your Lady Lions return back to LMU for training on January 5th and our opening match of the season is against USC on January 14th.  

At your convenience, check out the goofy Lady Lions getting silly in our annual Christmas video which is posted on the tennis homepage. Our whole team talked about our Christmas traditions back home and what we are most excited about for the holidays. You can get a taste of our personalities.

That's all for now. GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Inside, we lady lions are fist pumping to the fact that we are "tournament-free" from now until the end of the semester...which is what, 3 weeks or so? I know the workload is getting the absolute best of us with end of the semester group projects, papers, exams...It all seems never-ending. But with such a short semester left, we know we have to put our school games on over-drive. It's ultimate crunch time. And it's nice that we can utilize the remaining weekends (free of tennis) to stay on top of our work.

According to our 8 hour a week schedules, tennis is still set twice a week along with weights. We do have spin and pilates thrown in there as well. All of our regular activities are still in place but the tennis time is cut down. So with that limited time, my team and I make sure that we maximize our time and keep our focus on the court.

We made a team trip to the basketball game on Friday in their second game of the season as well as the final soccer game of the season on Saturday! Both teams played great and the Lions got a pair of wins back-to-back. I am super happy that our lions have made the efforts to support other lions because that's the LMU athletic community is all about. We're all a big family.

Countdown: 9 days until a little half-week break for thanksgiving. It will be nice go home and be with our families or just to breakaway from school (for those who are international and can't go home) and come back refreshed for the homestretch until finals and then our big holiday break. One day at a time. It's going to fly by so fast and we won't even know it

That's all for now. GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Our fall season is complete! Well as far as competition goes. Four of your Lady Lions (Julia, Audrey, Kylie and Anna) went to San Diego once again for our final tournament, the SDSU Fall Classic II. Among our team included Denver, Air Force, UC Irvine, Stanford, Missouri, Washington, UTEP, UC Santa Barbara and San Diego.

After having won a tournament this fall, Anna (one of our freshmen) reached her second final in her bracket against Missouri, which is so awesome! We all know as freshmen, it is quite a tough transition from junior tennis into high level DI college tennis. Anna has such an even-keeled aura on the court and always handles her body language and composure so well and maturely. That is so impressive for someone her age and I know we will be seeing great things to come from her as she continues her college career. And I am speaking as someone who has grown up playing with her. Her game has truly blossomed!

In addition to Anna's success in the tournament, Julia reached the back draw finals.. As a dubs team, Anna and Julia also reached the back draw finals! Kylie and Audrey won their doubles match on Sunday as well. And Kylie won her singles match on Sunday.

Three of the Lions who did not play in the tournament this weekend, (Lisa, Ellie and myself) participated in what is called an Electric Run. For those of you who are familiar with the 'Color Run,' it is very similar. It was a 5k (3 mile race) that took place on Saturday at Dodger Stadium. The running route was in the parking lot around the stadium. Here's the twist: the run was at 7 at night and was neon and glow themed. So Ellie, Lisa and I dressed up in white tops and neon tutus covered in glow necklaces and bracelets so we could 'light up' the path we ran! It was an absolute blast!


The trail was all lit by fun bright colors and people got really into their costumes. We would see a lot of people with strings of actual lights looped around their bodies. It was impressive.


 Next semester, we are hoping to round our whole team up to sign up for another run similar to that, possibly the color run because we know that's another fun and popular one to do!

As our tennis competition wraps up for the year, we head back into eight-hour weeks so we are cutting down on our practice time. I know a lot of us are a little relieved to hear that because these last few weeks of school before thanksgiving break gets extremely hectic with final papers/midterms/group projects. 

And then of course it is only week after thanksgiving break that we have to prepare for finals. Yikes! So it is very important that all of us stay on top of our studies with a little pressure off the tennis rigor.

As this semester wraps up, I am trying to encourage my teammates to attend some of the remaining conference games for all the sports teams like men's and women's soccer and water polo. We really try to encourage "lions supporting lions" as we are a tight-knit community at LMU. 

Basketball is also just starting up and there looks to be a brand new squad and a brand new coach, so I know I can count on my team to make it out to some games. For me and Lisa, Madison and Ana Lucia, especially as seniors, we want to try to go to as many games as possible because this is the last real semester and a quarter that we are a part of the LMU sports community.

That's all for now! GO LIONS!



Hey there tennis fans!

Three of the Lions competed in the Jack Kramer's tournament (Jessica, Laura and Kristine) with some of the top teams on the west coast including UCLA, USC, SMU, Pepperdine, LSU, Stanford, Ohio State, BU and others. Laura and Jess had a huge first round win in doubles but the singles matches were super tough as these players are some of the best in the country. Kristine won her first round against UCSB but lost her second round. I'm super proud of everyone for giving it their all though.

About that Southern fix, Yes, you heard right. ¾ of the LMU Women's Tennis team (Ellie, Julia, Lisa, Anna, Kylie, Andy, Audrey and myself) headed to the south, Tuscaloosa, Alabama to be exact for the Roberta Allison Fall Classic. This is the second year in a row that our team has been asked to attend this event along with tons of competitive teams from the south and the Midwest. The battles were certainly unlike any competition we have faced in the past or will face in our conference matches. These teams include, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Georgetown, Michigan, LSU, Georgia Tech, Depaul, as well as some feisty smaller private schools in the south that I had never heard before such as Troy, UAB, and Middle Tennessee University.


A lot of these schools have recruited some of the top players in the country so it was no doubt that we were going to battle against the big guns.

Just stepping onto Alabama soil for the first time, my first thoughts were obviously, "we are definitely not in California anymore." Eyes peered to our LMU gear in the airport and throughout the weekend as if we were celebrities, or of the two. Of course, no one has really heard of LMU from the South. Several people actually asked if we were from a school in Louisiana, which had the same acronym.


The funny thing is, I would not really expect anyone to really have heard of our school out west anyway because even some California folk are not too familiar with our hidden gem in Los Angeles, LMU. As you can imagine, people's eyes lit up when we clarified our location. "Wow, you're from L.A....that's so cool!"


For those of you whom are not too knowledgeable about Tuscaloosa, the football team pretty much shapes the town. There is not too much to do in the town but Alabama natives are crazy about their football. Needless to say, football is, well, everything.

Coming from a school that doesn't even have a football team, well we did, way back when,...(side note, our coach actually played on the team) we were in for quite a culture shock. I personally was so excited to see what that pride was all about, oh and of course to meet all the friendly locals. 


It was ironic that our tennis team was making this trip because I actually am currently interning for a local Sports PR firm in Manhattan Beach where two of my bosses went to Alabama. Naturally they are all about their football team and still travel back there from time to time to see games. When I told them I was making the trip, they were stoked and gave me a pre-warning that I was going to absolutely love it.

 In addition, my sports journalism class has required that I religiously follow a college football team and blog about them three times a week so of course I chose the Crimson Tide.

Unfortunately for us, the Bama football team had a bye week and the students were on fall break, so not a whole lot of activity was taking place, but you can still feel the atmosphere and that warm sense of community.

Because we went during this fall time of year, we got to experience the beautiful autumn trees and the fresh, crisp air.  The chill basically felt like winter for us in California. Oh man, we're spoiled.


Alright, besides taking in all that Alabama has to offer in this little weekend getaway, and believe me, we did, your Lady Lions did travel all this way on a mission. And that was to show these Midwest and southern schools that the LMU lions are on the prowl and would be fearless competitors on the tennis court.

Our tournament started on Friday morning, Halloween. No we didn't dress up if you were wondering. We kept it all business in uniform. We had to layer up big time to warm up though. Our big puffy ski-like jackets and sweatpants were a necessity right up until we played our beginning matches. 45 degree mornings are not exactly what we're used to back home.

Doubles matches started off the day both days, which were followed by two singles matches. All 8 of us played against opponents from all different schools, all of which were super solid and tough contenders. Sure we got a little discouraged with losses but we knew the quality of tennis that we were going to face and our games tend to rise when we face intense, perhaps more experienced opponents, ultimately forcing us to play our best tennis. We walked away from Day 1 with a firm grasp of the competition while knowing we had another day to play all out with absolutely nothing to lose.

After making it through all sorts of extreme weather from 70 and sunny to windy, dark horror movie-like dark clouds and pouring down rain, it was grub time. I suppose it completed the whole spooky Halloween look pretty perfectly.


We ate at a fun restaurant, which as you can imagine was decked out in all things repping Alabama football from souvenirs to autographed pictures to life-size poster board cut-outs of Coach Nick Saban. The customers and waiters were all dressed up in funky costumes too. It was great.


On top of that, we had an overly friendly waiter, Eric. I say 'overly' because of course we were expecting a friendly and personable waiter, but this guy, yikes. He felt a tad too comfortable with us. Dressed up in a full-on German Oktober Fest lederhosen outfit for his Halloween costume, he sat down at our table striking up a conversation. Nice, right? Cool he's comfortable with us. But then he kept coming back, over and over, thinking of any excuse possible to keep the conversation flowing. He was just full of stories.


It was a little overkill. He thought it would be an appropriate time to start one of his stories in the middle of our meal when we were enjoying a quality southern meal where we know we would not get anywhere else. Can't we eat in peace? One of my teammates, Audrey perfectly described our experience as a "dinner and a show." Eric did not fail at the entertainment part, that's for sure.

We were up and at 'em early the next day for round two of our tourney. So no, your Lions didn't spend the night out trick-or-treating around Tuscaloosa.

Saturday was drastically colder in temperature compared to the previous day. Like holy cow, it was close to unbearable. We're talking around 35 degrees in the morning and then it did not reach over 50 degrees, all day long. Not to mention the hailing winds that seemed to blow uncontrollably. Saying that the conditions were tough would be an understatement.

 Yes, we were out of our comfort zones in terms of weather and perhaps people think we were a bunch of wusses but all teams seemed to be struggling to stay warm with the weather. I know myself and a lot of my teammates refused to take off our sweatshirts/jackets and sweatpants the entire time we were playing all of our matches just so that we would not freeze to death. And some of us had up to three matches...rough.

The matches basically came down to who could overcome the excruciating cold or at least become numb to the point that we could just play out to the best that we could. I am so proud that despite the obvious discomfort, none of us showed signs of calling it quits. We were fighters through and through.


Even though we did not end both days of the tournament with the results that we wanted, our coach was proud of how we gave it everything we had. Hey, we traveled all the way across the country to play, so we had to leave Bama on a good note. 

Yes, we were a little disappointed, but Jamie reminded us that the results did not matter to him as much as long as we capitalized on things we did right in our matches as well as acknowledged the weak areas in our game so we know what to improve on when we return back home. Of course we all want to win, but sometimes you don't take away much from winning except for maybe the pure satisfaction of winning

The caliber of tennis was so high for this tournament so the expectation of winning did not make or break us by any means. I think the comfort and support we all had for each other as a team really helped ease some of the frustrations we had at times.

With so much time spent together in road trips like this, it's a perfect opportunity to spend quality-bonding time together. And we definitely grew a lot closer as a unit which could only help our overall performances on the court.


For our final night in Tuscaloosa, we decided to go to a restaurant that would so accurately encompass a traditional and authentic southern meal. By popular demand from locals and my bosses at my internship who attend Bama, we went to Dreamland BBQ. 


It was amazing. It was a perfect little hole in the wall complete with TV screens everywhere (with football playing of course) and Alabama license plates hanging. They serve their food family style there. The waitress handed us all paper plates. It was almost like a big picnic. They brought over various plates of ribs, sausage (seriously the best sausage I have ever had hands down), baked beans, cole-slaw and potato salad. It was everything I pictured a southern BBQ meal to look like, except better.


In addition to their BBQ delicacy, Dreamland BBQ is also super popular for their banana pudding, so of course we had to give that a try. You don't see that too often back west. It was so unbelievably good. It's safe to say we feasted big time, but if we didn't, than we didn't really embrace the full southern experience and do Bama right.

While at dinner, the group sitting next to us noticed and recognized LMU, no not the LMU in Louisiana, but the Los Angeles one! Apparently all of them were from El Segundo, which we all know is located a town away from where LMU is located. So they all knew LMU and one of the guy's actually took classes at LMU this past summer. Ironic right? They are currently students at the University of Alabama and love it.


Since we had no matches on Sunday, we had most of the day to explore Tuscaloosa before we headed back to the west coast. 


Jamie hooked us up with a private tour around the legendary football stadium. It was unreal to say the least. 

We got to walk into the locker rooms and the boxes and inside the stadium itself. You can just feel how big football is to that school-so much pride.



It was a blast! We took a bunch of pictures for the memories and even snapped a shot with the mascot that we tracked down outside the stadium. It was an awesome experience and Jamie was so great to set that up for us.



That concluded our Bama trip and I know I am not alone in saying that the South did us well. We got to play some high quality tennis and fully absorb the southern way of life for a weekend. For some of us, we don't know when we would ever venture back there for another trip so we were so lucky to have gotten the experience to go and with great company to boot!

We're on the go once again next weekend! Some of the Lions will be playing in a tournament in San Diego. So let's keep that Lion spark alive and cheer them on!


That's all for now! GO LIONS!