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Class of 2008 Makes It Official

May 10, 2008


Los Angeles, CA -- Getting your waking papers usually takes on a negative meaning, but for the Loyola Marymount University Class of 2008, Saturday's "walking papers" was a sweet end to a memorable four years. LMU celebrated the Class of 2008 at its annual Undergraduate Comencement on Saturday in Sunken Garden with 82 student-athletes being honored by the Athletics Department at a breakfast gathering prior to the ceremonies outside of Gersten Pavilion.

For the second year, the Athletics Department invited the senior class to gather as athletes one last time in a send off to graduation. The 82 members of the Class of 2008 and their families gathered outside of Gersten Pavilion Saturday morning. All 21 varsity sports were represented at the gathering, all mixing before they officially became alumni.

Some present still have work to do as five members of the baseball team would go through the ceremonies before catching a plane to take on No. 3 Arizona State in Tempe later Saturday night.

It was a successful end to successful careers as the group combined to win more than 25 team and individual championships in their careers. Here is a list of those who graduated on Saturday.

 Lion Class of 2008
Baseball Beal, Andrew Baseball Bunkis, Justin Baseball Connolly, Stephen Baseball Dovel, Sean Baseball Keadle, Nate M. Basketball Kanne, Chris Men Crew Cronin, David Men Crew Powell, Whitney Men Crew Stellner, Mark Men Crew Storaasli, Landon Men Crew Wike, Scott MCC/Track MacNeil, Jonathan Men Golf D'Amore, Jason Men Golf Escobedo, Josh M. Soccer Benitez, Miguel M. Soccer Carlson, Stephen M. Soccer Mehl, Tyler M. Soccer Sloustcher, Adam M. Tennis Tadevosian, Sam M. Tennis Twarowski, Jacek M. Water Polo Flood, Shaun M. Water Polo Gilmore, Ryan M. Water Polo Kelly, Rory M. Water Polo Prunckle, John W. Basketball DeCoud, Amanda W. Basketball Evans, Bronwyn W. Basketball Ogoke, Valerie W, Cheer Chong, Alyse W. Cheer Cortes, Arianne W. Cheer Hein, Kimberly W. Cheer Jones, Kendra W. Cheer Kogura, Tracie WCC/ Track Mickelson, Laura WCC/ Track Rezowalli, Brittany WCC/ Track Yahr, Kelly W. Rowing Austin, Jill W. Rowing Bannerman, Courtney W. Rowing Brunette, Janelle W. Rowing Glassman, Jen W. Rowing Guess, Jennifer W. Rowing Hietbrink, Marni W. Rowing Maloney, Kathryn W. Rowing Matheny, Candice W. Rowing Meltz, Larissa W. Rowing Speer, Stephanie W. Rowing Sumibcay, Mona W. Soccer Baduria, Stefanie W. Soccer Bell, Jamie W. Soccer Krickl, Jaime W. Soccer Osborne, Katie W. Soccer Slovek, Joslyn W. Soccer Young, Brandi Softball Cook, Tracy Softball Pagano, Tiffany W. Swimming Alvarado, Nicole W. Swimming Brophy, Maggie W. Swimming Geraghty, Alyssa W. Swimming Gore, Christine W. Swimming Magura, Elizabeth W. Swimming McCarville, McKenna W. Swimming McKay, Kimberly W. Swimming Rabadam, Jeanelle W. Swimming Royal, Alicia W. Swimming Samuels, Angela W. Tennis Mesterova, Pavla W. Tennis Russell, Shawnell W. Tennis Tejada, Natalie W. Volleyball Dutro, Ashley W. Volleyball Hughes, Heather W. Volleyball Reneau, Christianna W. Water Polo Carter, Sheena W. Water Polo Ceniseroz, Charis WWP/Swim Fernandez, Kristina W. Water Polo Fish, Daisy WWP/Swim Wike, Alexandra W. Water Polo Wimer, Keely

5th Year Seniors W. Water Polo Abrams, Crisara MCC/Track Elmi, Mo M. Soccer Gomez, Trini W. Rowing Holzberger, Kathryn W. Rowing Mitrovich, Allison W. Volleyball Motton, Jania M. Basketball Ziri, Jon



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