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Lions Cup

Lion Cup Goal: To promote healthy competition in order to aid teams to develop: Leadership, teamwork, supporting other athletes, and academic achievement.

Current Lions Cup Standings (Updated 10/12/09)



1. Points will be awarded to teams based on success in 7 categories: Academics, Athletic Excellence, Community Service, Personal Enhancement, Team for Team, SAAC Representation, and Above and Beyond.

2. Points will be calculated by Lions Cup coordinator and/or any participating SAAC/E-board member in the Lions Cup process.

3. Score Sheets will be turned into SAAC Communication Box located in the Academic Development Center and/or the Training Room or is given directly to Lions Cup Coordinator at anytime.

4. The only score sheets needed to be turned in are for Personal Enhancement, Above and Beyond, and Community service. The rest will be calculated by Lions Cup Coordinator/S.A.A.C members.

5. The Percentage of team members needed at any event for scores to be counted is 40%.

6. SAAC Reps will be responsible for prepping their team on rules, point system, and setting individual goals.

7. An email will be sent out to each coach explaining the rules, concepts, and points.

8. Points will be updated routinely and be available to view at anytime on the Lions Cup scoreboard.

9. At the end of spring semester a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be named and given prizes accordingly.




1. The Cumulative GPA of every team will be calculated for FALL semester only. The points will be given accordingly by order of rank from highest to lowest.

Athletic Excellence:

Points are awarded as Follows:

1. Conference Championship = 5 points

2. 2nd in Conference = 3 points

3. 3rd in Conference = 1 point


  • Cheer Rule Exception: Cheers athletic excellence points will be based on national Championship performance.


(1) Top 10 = 5 points

(2) Top 15 = 3 points

(3) Top 20 = 1 point


  • Men's Crew and Women's Rowing


(1) Top 5 = 5 points

(2) Top 10 = 3 points

(3) Top 15 = 1 point


Community Service:

1. A representative of the Organization or school must sign off on any hours completed for community service.

2. 1 hour of service = 1point (Regardless of the number of athletes in attendance)

3. No "autograph sessions" will be counted as community service.

4. No points awarded if individual(s) is working at the event, or is receiving pay to work in the community.


Personal Enhancement:

1. Team Dinner/Get Together = 5 points (Maximum possible points = 15)


  • Photo will be used to verify attendance, via phone message, social networking site, or email.
  • If a team cannot attend or for an understandable reason cannot compete in Madness, Booling, or Undie Run, the team will be allowed THREE more Team Dinner/Get Together opportunities.


2. Specific personal enhancement events = 10 points (Maximum of 2)

3. Madness at Midnight performances will ranked and points distributed accordingly.

4. Booling Costume Contest

5. Undie Run Contest


Team for Team:

1. 1 game = 1 point

2. Code Lion = 2 points

3. Away games = 5 points

4. Teams will swipe their one cards at games and attendance will be recorded, then points will be calculated by Lions cup coordinator at a later time.

5. If there is no machine to swipe, then a photo must be taken. When a doubt take a picture.

6. Teams must stay a minimum of half the game in order for points to be counted.



1. Both representatives MUST be present in order to receive minimum 2 points per meeting.


Above and Beyond:

1. Any athlete who participates in or receives any campus wide organization or award.

2. Any ties between teams shall be settled by the total amount of points a team receives in the above and beyond section.


Other Rules:

1. Any problems or complaints will be directly sent to and dealt with by Lions Cup coordinator.



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