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Soles4Souls Truck visits LMU

LMU continued its work with Soles4Souls this year by collecting shoes and clothing on November 14.

Dec. 9, 2011


The Soles4Souls shoe and clothing drive hosted at LMU on Monday, November 14 was extremely successful among students and staff workers all across the campus. Several members of Alpha Delta Gamma came to donate, including president Chris Hovious. Hovious commented that it was "a great way to start the day" and expressed his appreciation for this opportunity to give back to those in need. Sherlyn Frazier, Academic Advisor for student-athletes, also made an appearance with a generous donation. Her favorite part of the event was when one student actually took the shoes off his feet to contribute to the cause. Ms. Frazier also shared that she valued organizations like Soles4Souls for allowing individuals who are selfless to "help those less fortunate".

It was impressive to see the amount of shoes and clothing that were collected in the short time frame (700 t-shirts and over 250 pairs of shoes). The event was hosted by Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and featured the Soles4Souls RV and the infamous Buttermilk Truck which was giving out free breakfast for donations.

The amount of work and time that the representatives from Soles4Souls put into everything is really admirable. Both of these representatives were extremely satisfied with the amount of shoes and clothing that were being donated on that crisp and sunny morning. Heath and Melissa Bain are on their honeymoon (for over a year) and travel around the country visiting schools to educate people about the Soles4Souls Organization and the importance of giving to those in need. Being roadies, they live and travel in a one of a kind RV to different universities. The motto for the Soles4Souls, "changing the world one pair at a time", is what inspires them to continue doing what they do. There are about 300 million kids worldwide without shoes. This is what motivates them, to make a difference and to improve the lives of these kids. Soles4Souls has provided about 16 million pairs of shoes since 2005. It is impressive to see the numbers that have been donated and the amount of kids that have benefited from the donations.

It is an honor for LMU to be able to support and maintain increasing the number of shoes and clothing collected for these children. Listening to some of the stories that the representatives shared made donating that much more gratifying. In Haiti for example, there are kids that wear their parents' oversized shoes due to the lack of money. They cannot afford shoes that are the correct size. LMU has a tradition of having exceptional leadership and connection amongst the students and our staff. In the past years Soles4Souls representatives have acknowledged the dedication, work and effort that LMU has put into supporting their cause, and expressed their appreciation. In addition, we in Athletics are also very thankful for the campus-wide support! We want to thank everyone for their contributions and remember that we are continuing to collect t-shirts for the Soles4Souls clothing drive. There are bins in Gersten Pavilion, and around campus for people to donate t-shirts. Our collection drive will continue through February 27, 2012. For additional information, please contact Matt Casana, Assistant Athletics Director for Academic Performance, at 310-338-1736 or via email at



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